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Charlie Dizon on being part of Bagani April 14, 2018 01:58 PM



2017 was a busy year for Charlie Dizon. She did 3 movies and starred in Star Cinema movies such as “Finally Found Someone”, “Loving in Tandem” and “Seven Sundays.” She started 2018 as one of the fresh faces for Star Magic Circle. And her first major project, bringing to life the character of Marikit for hit fantaserye Bagani.




In a press conference introducing the tulisan of the Sansinukob, Charlie shared how she still couldn’t believe that she earned the role. The 22-year-old actress admitted that it was difficult at first, but her co-stars and the directors were there to guide her. Shooting her first scene with iconic actress Aiko Melendez who plays their leader Matadora, Charlie was so nervous that Aiko hugged her to soothe her nerves. Since then, before every scene, they would talk about the script and how they could properly execute it. It’s still unclear whether the tulisan are on the Bagani’s side or are enemies. But one thing is for sure, fans can look forward to Charlie’s biggest role so far.