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Charlie Dizon's Hidden Talent July 09, 2018 02:52 AM

We know that she has what it takes to be the leader of Sansinukob’s pirates. She has also revealed to being a commercial model, before earning her first gig in the entertainment industry with the 2017 movie “Finally Found Someone.” So, from model to actress then finally a pirate, does she have any other tricks up her sleeve?

Apparently, one of Charlie Dizon’s talents is singing Korean songs. It may not sound that impressive at first, but it’s harder than it looks. The truly impressive part is hearing how clean her pronunciations are.

Many might not know yet, but Charlie was supposed to become a girl group idol. 

Now, her career is already ahead of most rookies after being introduced as part of the 2018 Star Magic Circle. And fans get to see her more, thanks to her role as Marikit on Bagani. So, it’s still a win-win situation for everyone.