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Makisig at Zaijian, hinataw ang Pamatayang Galawan ni Babaylan Gloria July 13, 2018 07:42 AM


Every scene of brilliant actress Dimples Romana, also known as Babaylan Gloria in the fantaseries Bagani undeniably creates a hullabaloo among netizens and amazingly lands a spot on the top trending topics in social media.



Aside from the catchy chant "Mekeni, Mekeni, Dugdug Doremi" she uses in curing the wounded and injured warriors which became a subject of memes, the extraordinary shaman also amuses us with her wit and sarcasm that she interjects everytime the conversation is getting serious and the moment is growing bland.



However, she has another remarkable antic that truly makes us chuckle -- her incredible dancing prowess which she showcases by performing her "Pamatayang Galawan."



Babaylan Gloria first showed it off when they set Lakas free from an enchanted portal found in heart of Sansinukob's forest and told the people that it is the most powerful magic that she could do.



For future use, she also taught the steps to this bizarre bop to Baganis Lakam (Matteo Guidicelli) and to Liksi (Zaijian Jaranilla), which the latter had to learn before having the charmed key that can help them enter and exit the place.



Thus, Entertainment did not let the chance to simply pass without seeing Zaijian and Makisig Morales (who plays Taga-Gubat Dumakulem) take on the much talked about "dance craze" during their Kapamilya Chat appearance.



Were they able to nail Babaylan Gloria's signature groove? Watch the video for you to find out!