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Friday 5: 5 Almost kiss of Lakas and Ganda in Bagani

Isabelle Francez Raymundo August 17, 2018 01:33 AM

Who doesn’t love a good kissing scene, right? Sometimes words just aren’t enough to express how you really feel. Still, there’s a right place and a right time. Lakas and Ganda should know this, after all, they waited for such a situation for far too long.

After training in combat with the farmers, their region held a night of festivities to offer Lakas a token of appreciation that symbolized their trust in him. Amidst the celebrations, Ganda complimented him for his kind heart and admitted that she was thankful to have met him. As they locked eyes and inched closer together, children decided to come at this moment and suggest that they join the fun.

Fortunately, Lakas found his second chance that same night. All he had to do was cross a narrow bridge where at the other end, Ganda was waiting for his lips. To make this more challenging, he had to down an entire gallon of lambanog first. Some gulps later, he claimed that the it had no any effect on him, but his blurred vision and unsteady feet said otherwise. Lakas would eventually make it to Ganda, not without slipping along the way, but he succumbed to the alcohol right before claiming his prize.

After two failed attempts, Lakas was determined to kiss Ganda before the night ended. So, he decided to just ask her, “Pwede ba nating ituloy ang naudlot?” To which she replied, “Pwede naman,” as long as he kept his eyes shut tight. Little did he know, Ganda is merely pulling a prank on him.

The next opportunity came when Ganda visited the dessert region. Lakas talked about what being a leader has been like, when suddenly she started to lean towards him. He closed his eyes, anticipating the moment, but then she stopped and said, “May buhangin ka dito.”

“Kaya mahirap mahalin ang isang taga-disyerto, maraming buhangin,” he joked. She responded with, “Ikaw, magmamahal ka ba ng taga-patag?” Lakas answered with the most romantic confession, “Mamahalin kita dahil mahal kita”. The space between them closed and the right time seemed to have finally arrived. Until they were interrupted by the Minokawa.

Can they ever catch a break? Yes, they can. All they needed was an other worldly place where they can be completely alone together. But does it count if it was all in dream prison created by Gaki (Justin Cuyugan)?

Whether they’ve kissed or not, it doesn’t take away how much they love each other. And fans are still just happy seeing Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil together.