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Ang muling pagbangon ng mga Bagani August 17, 2018 09:54 PM

The Baganis fall in the hands of the deity Sarimaw (Ryan Eigenmann). All hope seems to have been lost upon the death of the five warriors, causing the people of Sansinukob to fall on their knees in prayer.

Because of their undying love and loyalty to one another, their prayers caused a miracle to happen as Lakas (Enrique Gil), Ganda (Liza Soberano), Liksi (Zaijian Jaranilla), Dumakulem (Makisig Morales) and Lakam (Matteo Guidicelli)—as well as the warriors from the Trade region rise from the dead.

Sarimaw couldn’t believe his eyes as the Baganis face him once more, ready to battle. When he asks how this had happened, Lakas reminds him to never belittle the hearts of the people of Sansinukob which are united and strong.

Together, the Bagani charges towards their enemy in one last epic battle.

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