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Sarimaw, sinaksak si Lakas! August 17, 2018 09:47 PM


As the Baganis lay helpless and dead on the ground, Sarimaw (Ryan Eigenmann) tells them how weak they are and how he couldn’t understand why Bathala (Raymond Bagatsing) wasted his time in creating them. Lakas (Enrique Gil) asks him how he could do this when his own father sent him to watch over the people of Sansinukob. The evil force within Sarimaw counters his statement, saying that because of the anger and hatred in Sarimaw’s heart, his spirit reigns over his form. Looking at his fallen enemies, Sarimaw concludes that there is no strength or power in Sansinukob.

Lakas strongly defies his words, proclaiming that their hearts—the love they have for each other and their unity—is the most powerful of all. Sarimaw thought that if that was the case then he should make his heart stop beating. The deity plunges his sword into Lakas, killing him once and for all.

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