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Bagani: Finale Recap - Part 1 August 21, 2018 10:11 AM

In the finale of Bagani, Lakas (Enrique Gil) and Ganda (Liza Soberano) finally reach Bulkang Sinukuan and together, they catch sight of the “puso ng sinukuan.” However, as Ganda absorbs the power of the heart, it does something entirely different: causing the darkness within her to break free even more. She then wills Lakas to kill her. 

But Lakas figures out how the heart works: he must willingly sacrifice his life to show his love for her—which is the true cure for the dark force stirring within her. 

As Malaya (Kristine Hermosa) sends havoc into Sansinukob, she was stopped by the Baganis, including Lakas and Ganda who survived; the latter being cured from the darkness. They defeat the deity who then flees to her son, Sarimaw (Ryan Eigenmann). 

The goddess tells her son that they have failed and that people of Sansinukob truly had the most powerful weapon in the world: love. She hopes to appease Bathala and give him a second chance to be able to live among the humans and learn to love as well. But Sarimaw disagrees, and with his vengeful and hateful heart, he becomes the next host for the dark spirit that once resided in Ganda.

Unconscious of his power, Sarimaw chokes Malaya and only when she was almost dying that he returns to his normal self. Unfortunately, it was too late and Malaya dies in his arms, disintegrating into gold dust.