Sunday after TV Patrol Weekend


GOIN BULILIT is primarily a gag show with a cast completely made up of child actors. The main equity of the program is that it is mainly a comedy show with child actors playing adult roles, doing gags, sketches and segments. Instead of playing roles based on their own age, child actors are made to portray adult characters like doctors, teachers, married couples, etc. The show has been doing this since its pilot episode aired on February 5, 2005, and have garnered a number of  recognition from different award giving bodies. It has also gained a strong following from televiewers nationwide. The achievement that the show has gained locally has translated globally when it started to have episodes taken from other countries like Hongkong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and China. From then on, the show wants to extend their reach in making people laugh, not only here in the Philippines but also globally, because Goin’ Bulilit not only believes that “laughter is the only medicine” but also “comedy is universal”.