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Havey o Waley? Joke time with Yen Santos on the set of ‘Halik’ January 11,2019 03:41 PM

Behind those intense scenes that we see on TV, laughter fills the set of Halik as Yen Santos spreads good vibes in spending joke time with her co-actors and the show’s production staff.

Every night, Yen appears as the lonesome Jacky Montefalco-Corpuz in Halik whose life is always miserable due to the many struggles that she had to face in her life. Shortly after her mother died, she had series of fights with her husband Ace Corpuz (Sam Milby) until she has proven that her suspicions about him having an affair with other women were all true. She even had to go through public humiliations and face scandalous issues even if she was innocent. Also, even since Jacky’s younger years, she has always suffered because her adoptive father Mauro Montefalco (Romnick Sarmenta) despises her.

Always living a miserable life with her family and her husband, Jacky is perhaps the loneliest character in Halik. But when it comes to the real Yen Santos, she might be one of the happiest persons you may ever encounter.

Last year in Magandang Buhay, Yen shared that she had a blissful childhood in the province of Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. Yen said she always enjoyed playing in the streets back then, biking or running with her playmates. Her family raised her and her siblings with full of love, making them such joyful persons.

True enough, Yen is seen to be one of the most joyful persons on the set of their hit teleserye! As revealed by her co-stars and shared by Yen herself as well on her own social media account, Yen is the most frequent to start those hilarious exchanges while they shoot for Halik.

Here in this video, Yen and her co-actors Daniel Matsunaga who plays Yohan Tanaka’s character and Romnick Sarmenta, will try and make you laugh with their comical jokes! Are their jokes hilarious or not? Give your own verdict if their jokes are ‘havey’ or ‘waley’ by watching this video!