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Yam Concepcion’s not-so-hidden talent February 28,2019 12:28 AM

If Yam Concepcion did not become an actress, we already know another career path she could take.

It must be too easy to hate Jade (Concepcion). Every viewer of Halik or just anyone who has seen memes and video clips of the series, knows exactly what she has done. From betraying Lino (Jericho Rosales) and his family to catfights with Jacky (Yen Santos) and creating lies with Ace (Sam Milby), the list of people she’s hurt goes on and on. Although, she has been forgiven, nothing is the same.

Ever since becoming a mother, Jade has tried to turn a new leaf, for the most part. Recently, however, jealous has once again consumed her. Lino and Jacky’s budding romance is getting in the way of saving her marriage. Now, Jade is taking advice from the saying, “keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” By making Jacky one of CJ’s godparents, she hopes to be able to keep an eye on her rival. In the words of Marissa (Niña Dolino), “she’s back”.

What is going to happen now? Has Jade really gone back to her old self? If she needs a hobby to distract herself from all the drama and stress, maybe music might help. After all, Yam is quite the musician in real life.

In case you did not know, she is the drummer for the indie band Ursa Minor. Aside from gigs, you can catch her playing with some instruments on Instagram. She posted a clip of their band doing some sound checks. In another, she was jamming with Sam on the guitar and Jericho on vocals. They performed Makita Kang Muli by Sugarfree and is inviting everyone to their concert “Invited daw kayo sa halik concert at invited din daw ang mga kabit,” she joked in the captions.



Sound check! #Ursaminor @studio222cc

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There are a handful of her singing while playing the ukulele. Not only that, she also has a cover of Can’t Help Falling in Love on a Kalimba. If you do not know what that is, it is an African musical instrument.



Now tonight I go back to playing my Les Paul Epiphone uke. It’s been a while... any requests? :p

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Soon - Moonpools And 🐛 (Cover) #luckydumpling

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Cant Help Falling In Love on a #Kalimba @benandbart

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How cool is she? Well, cooler than her character on Halik.