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EXCLUSIVE: Kunsintidor, sulsolera?—Niña Dolino reveals how a loyal sissy she can be

Mary Ann Bardinas March 13,2019 12:58 AM

We see her every weeknight as the ever-supportive and fun-to-be-with best friend of Yam Concepcion’s antagonistic Jade Flores-Bartolome named Marissa Toledo in the well-loved and highly talked about primetime series Halik.

While Marissa’s loyalty and leniency towards her “sissy” (or the shortened and stylized version of “sister”) totally get into our nerves and irk us so much, the actress who portrayed the character, Niña Dolino, is definitely different in real life. In an exclusive interview with recently, she gave us a glimpse of her experience in portraying the remarkable character and the kind of friendship she can offer in real life.

On her reaction upon accepting the role

Asking an actor/actress regarding his/her initial reaction after being bestowed the particular role he/she currently plays is already a cliché. But when we threw this question to the Halik star, we were surprised with what she confessed about her infamous character.

To be honest, ‘yong role ko kasi parang it was supposed to be done by a talent. Hindi siya talaga pang-artista, dapat talent siya. No’ng na-decide na artista na lang, sige, tapos [binigay] sa akin. Actually dapat nga raw hindi pa ako e, meron pang isang artista na humindi tapos napunta sa akin,” she relayed.

She might not be the first choice for the slot, the 36-year-old actress still did her best to study the character then imbibed it, not to mention that it was her first time to take on such role.

So no’ng binasa ko lang ‘yong characterization niya, parang I just decided to myself na laruin na lang. Kasi ‘yong characterization niya, frank, playful, parang medyo caricature-ish. So parang ako naman, na-challenge ako. Sige, let’s do this. I haven’t done it before,” she shared.

On the preparations she did

Although being an unlikely kontrabida is somehow new to her, she revealed that portraying Marissa isn’t not that difficult for her because of their similar cheerful disposition, thus, she didn’t have to do much adjustment nor exert much effort to seamlessly do it.

Well, I just have to turn on myself but mga 10 notches high kasi ‘di rin naman nalalayo sa akin si Marissa. Kasi very fun person siya e, which ako rin I consider myself a happy person pero ino-O.A. (over acting) ko lang kasi nga ‘yon siya e, mas caricature siya e. Mas O.A., mas highfalutin ‘yong mga expressions, ‘yong mga movements,” she imparted.

Besides, what makes it easier for her is the liberty their directors are giving her to make inputs on how to effectively execute her role. There might be times that the creators would not agree with her recommendations, but there are still greater chances, or 90% as how she put it, that they arrived on the same ideas.

Kagaya nga ng sinabi ko, never ko pang ginawa ‘yong ganitong kind of role na medyo patawa e, patawa rin siya in a way e. So ngayon lang ako nakapag-adlib nang ganito [kasi] parang dati stick to script. Ngayon binibigyan ako ng mga directors ng freedom to suggest, to say the things that Marissa I think can say. Parang ngayon mas free ako to play with the character na hindi ko pa nagagawa before,” she disclosed.

When it comes to character pegs, there’s actually none for her as she only keeps in mind Marissa’s characterization of being frank and playful.

On her most favorite part as Marissa

Certainly, every actor and actress has their own share most favorite parts in playing their respective characters, either heartwarming or gut-wrenching scenes, and either those moments are on-screen or off-screen.

As for Niña, the first thing that comes to head is Marissa’s being “sulsolera” or provoker to Jade’s misdeeds, which the avid viewers of Halik surely enjoy and despise at the same time.

“‘Yong pagsusulsol naging favorite ko but at the same time, meron din kasi si Marissa na side na medyo malungkot din ‘yong buhay niya, ‘di ba? Naging kabit din siya, tapos iniwan siya, pinagpalit siya, ‘di siya pinili, so at least napakita namin ‘yon, napakita ni Marissa ‘yon sa show, ‘yong hugot niya kung bakit niya nagawa ‘yon kay Jade. So what I like about it is hindi lang siya puro sulsol, puro patawa, puro kalokohan, meron din siya humane side – umiiyak din siya, nasa-sad din siya, nagui-guilty rin siya,” she explained.

On her personal connection with her character

Aside from the innate brilliance of actors in their craft that makes it easy-peasy for them to execute their roles, they often bank as well on their personal experiences that in one way or the other could help them release the emotions needed for a certain scene or to just simply fully feel their characters.

It was only the former for the Halik actress, who declared that she’s never been a mistress nor was fooled by a special someone. However, like Marissa, she also has a few friends to whom she’s very much loyal.

“‘Di naman ako naging kabit or ‘di naman ako naloko, pero I’m loyal. Pareho kaming loyal friends. I can keep secrets and I can defend my friends, so in that way nakikita ko ‘yong pinanggalingan niya na ‘di ba ‘pag may kaibigan ka naman. Saka ako kasi ‘yong kaibigan ko iilan lang. Ganoon din si Marissa so ‘yong kaibigan na ‘yon, talagang matatawag mo na kaibigan,” she said.

Speaking of being a loyal friend, we quizzed her as well if there’s a tendency that her loyalty towards her friends could turn her into a “kunsintdor” or conniver bestie in real life, to which she unabashedly retorted, “Meron”.

Kasi ako, in a way, ayaw ko ring mangialam. Gets mo? Hindi mo naman ‘yan buhay, ‘di ba? So kung kunsinti man ang tawag do’n, so be it. Kasi may line din na, ‘hindi, ito gawin mo’. ‘Di rin ako taong gano’n na, ‘ito dapat mong gawin’. Hindi e. Ando’n ako sa, ‘ito ‘yong magiging consequence ng ginagawa mo, ito ‘yong ginagawa mo so nasa sa’yo ‘yan. Anong gagawin mo kung itutuloy mo ‘yan?’,” she elaborated.

Then she added, “So in a way, medyo kunsintidor din ako pero I’m just letting that person be. May line e, ‘di ba? Kaya ‘di ako pakialamera. Kung okay siya sa ginagawa niya, fine.

On being the most annoying character

Apart from the lead antagonist Jade, Marissa has also been a subject of hate comments and snide remarks from the audiences and netizens. But Niña is just cool and positive with that, as what she implied on her reply when asked about her reaction on the public’s reception.

Game. Okay lang. Natutuwa ako kasi at least may bearing ‘yong character, hindi ‘yong parang wala lang. Kung mainis man, kung matuwa man, or kayamutan, okay lang ‘yon. I’ll take it than wala lang, ‘di ba? Mas okay na ‘yon kaysa ‘yong wala lang. I’m happy and I’m surprised,” she enthused.

As she disclosed her favorite part on being Marissa in the earlier portion of the interview, she mentioned knowing how irritating her character is. But she considered putting herself on the shoes of Marissa in order to further understand where she is coming from.

Nakakainis siya e, na parang ‘bakit niya kaya ginagawa ‘yon?’ Kung iisipin ko as a person, I wouldn’t do that, pero syempre kailangan mong ilagay ‘yong sarili mo do’n sa background ng pinanggalingan niya para mainitindihan kung bakit siya gano’n. Kasi kung hindi ko naiintindihan ‘yong karakter ko, I wouldn’t be able to act it out. I also asked our director, ‘Bakit siya gano’n?’, hangga’t sa napaliwanagan naman nila ako. Nagkaroon naman ng sense kung bakit,” she expounded.

On her takeaway from the series

With its intriguing, relevant, and timely plot, one will surely realize a lot of life lessons from watching and scrutinizing Halik.

But with the myriad of takeaways this series has given her, the actress-host imparted how it created an impact to her as an actor and as an individual.

Siguro, as an actor na lang. Just do what you can do. Ito ‘yong binigay sa’yo, nasa sa iyo na ‘yon kung paano mo gagawin. And as a person, huwag tayong mawalan ng pag-asa na makahanap ng real friends because I found real friends in this show. Kasi in the industry merong sinasabi, ‘di ba, na plastikan, showbiz, or taping friends, and I feel like in this show, marami akong na-takeaway na real friends na kineekeep ko. Huwag tayong mawalan ng pag-asa na makahanap ng mga kaibigan sa mundo,” she ardently related.

In her more than 10 years in the local entertainment scene, Niña has indeed come a very long way to reach wherever she is at the present. From being one of witty and spontaneous ‘tadjocks’ or reporters in the nightly defunct news-satire show Wazzup, Wazzup wherein she kick-started her unforeseen showbiz career, she is now one of the most bankable and well-loved seasoned actresses of the Kapamilya channel.

Way to go, sissy!

Photo credits: @yamconcepcion and @nina.dolino IG