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Friday 5: 5 times Yohan tried to win Jacky’s heart in Halik

Krista Baldono January 10, 2019 11:31 PM

There’s a new man on the scene and he is persistent in trying to win Jacky’s heart!

Just recently, this charming dude entered the Dos Disenyos building to make a business deal. Bearing the name of Yohan Tanaka (Daniel Matsunaga), he introduced himself as the son of one big client of Lino (Jericho Rosales) and Barry’s (Christian Bables) furniture company. And as the Project Manager of Dos Disenyos, Jacky (Yen Santos) meets Yohan and in the middle of arranging a business deal, he becomes interested not only in what the company can offer but more especially, in the beauty who is in front of him.

With this, Yohan didn’t let any second be put into waste. He courageously took some action and made efforts to let Jacky see how smitten he is with her. And as days passed, here are some of the top five sweetest moments of Yohan trying to win Jacky’s heart in Halik!

1. “Coffee”

Showing his interest in getting to know Jacky more, Yohan tried to have coffee with Jacky. Knowing how professional Jacky is, she tried to refuse Yohan’s offer politely. But with his reasonable persuasion and his cute smile, Jacky accepted his offer along with clarifying that it isn’t a date.

2. “Lunch”

Although Jacky refused Yohan’s offer for them to have lunch together, Yohan had the idea of bringing “lunch” to Jacky in the office. He brought sweet ensaymada’s for dessert, having thought that Jacky might have already eaten lunch before he can reach their office.

3. “Dinner?”

This time, Yohan tried to ask Jacky out for a dinner. And even though Jacky refused his invitation again, Yohan expressed that he understands what Jacky is going through and promised that he is willing to wait for the time that Jacky is ready to open her heart again.

4. “Capoeira…”

Yohan just couldn’t shake off the urge to see Jacky each day. So before going to his Capoeira session, he came over at Jacky’s place and invited her to try this new activity, which she has no idea about but might be surprised to enjoy doing.

5. “Ready ka na bang sumubok ulit?”

While doing Capoeira together, Jacky falls down on the ground for trying to do one move. In helping her to stand up again, Yohan asks this question to Jacky and that moment, it is somehow confusing to assume if they’re still talking about Capoeira or do they mean something much deeper?

Watch how cute Jacky and Yohan is in these five sweet moments again, here in our Friday 5 video!