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Halik Recap: Lino’s forgiveness February 11, 2019 04:32 PM

Jade (Yam Concepcion) continues making an effort to win Lino’s (Jericho Rosales) heart again. Despite Lino’s harsh treatment towards her, Jade remains calm and patient to please her ex-husband. Lino allows her to tag along the Dos Disenyos team in rebuilding a school damaged by typhoon. 

As Bogs (JC Alcantara) checks their container van, he finds out that someone has forcefully broken the lock to sneak inside the vehicle and take their materials. Lino loses his cool and unloads his frustration to Jade once again.

Jade becomes suspicious of Ace (Sam Milby) and follows his movements. She secretly walks behind him until they reach a residential area. Jade sees Ace talking to a man and handing him an envelope, which she assumes contain money. 

Jade rushes back to the school to inform Lino of what she has witnessed. Lino tries to confront the man whom Ace was talking to. Jade discovers the Dos Disenyos’ materials placed inside the man’s house. Lino tries to run after the suspect who quickly flees.

Jade tries to talk to Lino and apologizes for what happened, blaming herself for the chaos that happened in the school earlier that day. Lino shuts her down, saying he is too exhausted to continue with their conversation. Unable to hold the pain and emotions, Jade expresses her frustrations as well. Jade is already tired of pleasing Lino and proving herself to him. 

Lino feels a bit of sympathy for Jade. He finally gives her his forgiveness. However, Lino clarifies that a reconciliation will not happen. He pardons Jade for every mistake she has done in the past but regrets that he cannot give the second chance she is hoping for.

Nanay Dolor (Amy Austria) talks to Jade the next day. Upon seeing Jade’s sincerity in winning Lino back, Dolor asks her to continue reliving the older version of herself – the Jade whom Lino loved so much in the past.

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