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Halik Recap: The Farewell Party February 11, 2019 04:32 PM

Jade (Yam Concepcion) talks to Lino (Jericho Rosales) and shares her plans of looking for a home-based job. Aside from the desire to help in the household needs, Jade also wants to save for her child’s future. Lino volunteers to lend her money for buying a new laptop that she can use for work. Jade can’t contain her happiness seeing that Lino is slowly trusting her again.

Auntie Fe (Daisy Carino) catches Jade checking the laptop that Lino has bought her. She reminds Jade to take care of Lino and his gift and stop looking for better computers anymore. 

Jade notices that the woman is slightly referring to her infidelity in the past. She remains her calm and assures Auntie Fe that she won’t make the same mistakes twice.  “Graduate na ako sa pagiging tanga”, Jade says. Auntie Fe and Nanay Dolor (Amy Austria), who is quietly listening to the conversation, are glad to hear that Jade has learned from her past.

Meanwhile, Jacky (Yen Santos) comes in the Dos Disenyos office only to find the place empty and quiet. She walks around to look for her officemates. Jacky is searching for everyone in the workshop area when Bogs (JC Alcantara) rushes towards her to deliver a bad news. He informs Jacky that Lino met an accident and asks her to come with him. They arrive at the function hall where Lino and the Dos Disenyos team organized a farewell party.

Jacky gets emotional upon seeing her co-workers’ surprise send-off. She requests Lino for a song number who gladly comes up on stage. Lino delivers a short message first, mentioning that he and the entire team is grateful for Jacky’s help in the company. He assures her that she can come back anytime in case she decides to. 

Lino also expresses his sadness, saying the Dos Disenyos doesn’t want to let Jacky go. However, love is not supposed to work that way. Instead, he encourages Jacky to follow her heart’s desires and continue helping those who are dear to her.

After the event, Jacky happily tells Lino that Mauro (Romnick Sarmienta) invited her over for dinner. Lino is glad that all of Jacky’s hard work and perseverance have paid off. He hopes that Mauro has already realize how blessed he is for having a daughter who will never give up on him. The party has ended and Jacky bids good bye to Lino; leaving him in sadness.

Meanwhile, Ace (Sam Milby) decides that Jacky will be the only girl he will love. He won’t let anyone else win over Jacky, especially Lino.  “Akin lang si Jacky hanggang kamatayan”, he warns. He orders one of his men to spy over Lino.

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