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Sam’s most memorable scenes with Yam in Halik

Liezel dela Cruz March 12, 2019 12:45 AM

Sam Milby continues to awaken viewers’ feelings of hatred through his believable portrayal of Ace Corpuz’ character, the infuriating male antagonist in the series Halik. Ace is the epitome of an angelic-looking man hiding a bad side. He later on revealed his evilness as he engaged in an illicit affair with Jade, being played by Yam Concepcion.

The two transformed into nemesis down the line but in a surprising turn of events, Jade recently ran to Ace for support after being kicked out from her ex-husband, Lino’s (Jericho Rosales) abode. Ace and Jade are about to combine their wickedness once again as they begin their conspiracy against Lino.

Whether as on-screen secret lovers or enemies and from steamy acts of love-making to intense quarrels, Sam and Yam have done almost every kind of scene together as they both give life to Ace and Jade’s multi-faceted persona.

Here, Sam reveals three of his most memorable times with Yam, from the ones they did in front of the cameras and even beyond the set of Halik.

The scene where Jade and Ace had a heated argument inside a car will forever be imprinted in Sam’s mind. It showed a crying Jade expressing her fury towards Ace. After wiping her tears, Jade tossed her used tissues at Ace’s face who took vengeance by throwing the pieces of trash back at her. Jade, then, began hitting Ace with her purse. Well, they apparently got pissed off and hurt each other for real due to their unscripted gestures. That scene was not only remarkable due to Sam and Yam’s ad-libs and superb acting but it also ignited a deeper sense of friendship between them.

Remember that time when Ace fueled drama and chaos by informing Jade of Jacky’s (Yen Santos) attempt to run after Lino at the airport and confess her feelings? It appeared heavy when aired at the small screen but Sam revealed that Yam kept on laughing at the heat of that moment; causing a number of re-takes. Until now, Sam can’t comprehend the reason for Yam’s uncontrolled laughter.

Lastly, Sam is amused with Yam’s effort to create an online account that documents the cast and crews’ behind-the-scene bonding on the set of Halik. 

Sam speaks good words of admiration for Yam and praises her for the hard work and outstanding performance she pours in the series. He adds that Yam may be hated as Jade but she is undoubtedly a kind-hearted person in real life.