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Kung magiging Pinay superhero sina Yam at Yen ano ang super powers nila?

Liezel dela Cruz March 13, 2019 12:57 AM

Outraged viewers of Kapamilya series Halik have surely called Yam Concepcion all sorts of name, from fake to mistress and even snake. But it is exactly her convincing depiction of Jade’s fictional character that made her quite the trending actress of the year; eliciting both praises and hatred from fans and bashers. Yam’s acting prowess is so natural and raw that people are sometimes in limbo whether they are furious with Jade or Yam herself.

Nonetheless, bashers would probably bite their tongue in guilt and supporters will elevate her name even more once they discover Yam’s kind-hearted nature. This video, for instance, reflects Yam’s penchant for the young and poor. If given the chance to become a Pinay superhero, she would like to be called Superhero Yam, blessed with the powers to eliminate street children’s hunger in just a glance.

If Yam, whether masked as her on-screen persona or as herself, often receives piercing glares from loyal fans of Halik, the teleserye’s other female lead, Yen Santos gets as much attention as well.

Yen appears as pure as an angel in the small screen as she assumes Jacky’s role. But when leaving her character behind, Yen is known for her loud laughter and contagious smiles. She may be tearing up a lot as Jacky but the real Yen has impressive comedic chops, too. Her hilarious antics are even compiled and making rounds in social media. As a proof of her love for humor, she would like to become a Pinay superhero, named ‘Super Jacky’, whose special attribute is her incessant supply of funny jokes.

Even without magical powers, Yam and Yen are already heroines as they breathe in life to fans and viewers by giving them entertainment through their series Halik, airing every weekday night in Primetime Bida.