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Jericho’s 3 fave scenes with Yam in Halik

Liezel dela Cruz March 14, 2019 12:44 AM

Lino (Jericho Rosales) and Jade’s (Yam Concepcion) marriage is a roller coaster ride of emotions. One moment they are at peace but only to be fed up with each other’s presence the next. From lambing to explosive quarrels, Jericho and Yam have witnessed how their characters in Halik have gone through a lot of battles in their fight for love. 

When asked about their most-liked Echo-Yam scenes in Halik, the series’ avid fans can go talking from dawn ‘til dusk. So, it is hardly surprising that Jericho quite had a hard time listing down just three.

Jericho’s top choice is the set of confrontations between Lino and Jade, their intense away mag-asawa moments mostly set at the Bartolome residence.

Next, the recent event where Jade came in a seductive night gown, showing a bit of skin just enough to tease Lino. Her eyes gleaming with desire and yearning, she comes near Lino to seek his love. But using her allure as bait to Lino’s heart did not work out, rather, Jade was only despised for her desperation. The supposed lovemaking turned into a spiteful verbal clash; with Jade getting wounded with Lino’s rejection and words.

Lastly, but definitely a highlight for Jericho, is the scene that brought madness to the audience - when Lino caught Jade and Ace in the act! A strong-willed Lino hurries to a bar but only to get his heart broken into pieces as his own two eyes witness the confirmation of his wife’s infidelity. 

These past days, Lino and Jade’s relationship is into grave trouble again as they step into a duel for their son’s custody. Plus, Jade’s hopelessness allies with Ace’s (Sam Milby) vengeful plans. These only mean that Halik will continuously be on fire in the episodes to come.