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Kiss Quiz with Yam Concepcion

Liezel dela Cruz March 14, 2019 11:45 PM

Lucky might be inadequate to describe Yam Concepcion as she gets to kiss two of their generation’s hottest heartthrobs, Jericho Rosales and Sam Milby. But the smooches are just for the sake of mounting realism in their Primetime series Halik

In previous interviews, Yam revealed that the two dream guys kiss differently. Jericho, who plays as Yam’s husband in the teleserye, is on the passionate and sweet side of the boat; while Sam, who portrays the character of a womanizer, can make a girl drown with his wild kisses. 

Talking about kiss, Yam takes on a game related to such topic. Given several hypothetical scenarios, Yam is asked to tell the type of kiss appropriate in that situation.

If her significant other is quite under the weather, she’d give him a light kiss on the forehead. 

During a meet-the-parents moment, Yam thinks her partner would deserve a peck on the cheek; a sweet gesture reflecting her appreciation for the man’s efforts to introduce her to the most important people in his life.

Yam surely knows how to light up someone’s mood. When asked how she would treat her partner during his gloomy days, Yam says she would shower him with lots of kisses on the lips and even on the cheeks, forehead, and nose as well. 

If brought to a surprise beach trip, a naughty Yam jests, “Kiss ko sya kamay muna, tapos sa noo, tapos sa cheeks, tapos sa lips, tapos iki-kiss ko na siya sa...” Yam’s answer draws laughter from everyone around. 

Imagining that her boyfriend would boldly make a public declaration of his love for her, Yam would probably plant a kiss on his cheeks first as she would get a bit surprised. Then, after letting things simmer down, she would reciprocate the guy’s affection by kissing him on the lips.