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Halik: Jade, piniling iwasan ang halik ni Ace March 15, 2019 11:31 PM

As part of his promise to help Lino (Jericho Rosales) look for Jade (Yam Concepcion) and Baby CJ, Gio (Gab Lagman) pays a visit at Ace’s (Sam Milby) condominium unit; believing that Jade and her son are staying there with him. 

Gio pretends just wanting to have a few drinks with his brother. When he reaches the unit, Ace asks Gio to lower his voice because he is living with someone else; opting not to mention Jade’s name. But unaware of Gio’s presence, Jade comes out of the room, holding Baby CJ  in her arms.

Gio is still quite surprised to see Jade at Ace’s place. He agrees to Ace’s request of not telling anyone about their secret. But unknown to Ace, Gio secretly sends Lino a message confirming that Jade and CJ are under Ace’s care.

After making sure that Gio has already left, Jade confronts Ace for not alerting her about his brother's arrival. Jade fears that Ace’s parents, especially his mother, Helen, would react violently once they find out that she and Ace are living in one roof. 

Ace calms Jade’s worried mind; saying he already took care of everything and that Gio can be trusted. Ace adds that he has already instructed the building’s security to never let anyone, including his parents, step inside his unit. 

Ace caresses Jade’s face as a way of giving her comfort and vanishing her anxiousness. He, then, gets closer to Jade and attempts to kiss her.

Jade almost gives in but suddenly opens her eyes to resist the temptation. He turns her back at Ace but faces him again to express her gratitude. Jade is thankful for Ace’s help but she reminds him that they must not let their past affair happen again. 

Ace agrees and assures Jade that all his efforts are simply his manner of extending his help to her and Baby CJ. 

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