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Halik: Lino, tuloy-tuloy ang pangungulila kay baby CJ March 15, 2019 11:31 PM

As part of his promise to help Lino (Jericho Rosales) look for Jade (Yam Concepcion) and Baby CJ, Gio (Gab Lagman) pays a visit at Ace’s (Sam Milby) condominium unit; believing that Jade and her son are staying there with him. 

Gio pretends just wanting to have a few drinks with his brother. When he reaches the unit, Ace asks Gio to lower his voice because he is living with someone else; opting not to mention Jade’s name. But unaware of Gio’s presence, Jade comes out of the room, holding Baby CJ in her arms.

Gio is still quite surprised to see Jade at Ace’s place. He agrees to Ace’s request of keeping silent about what he discovered. But unknown to Ace, Gio secretly sends Lino a message confirming that Jade and CJ are under Ace’s care.

Still, Gio tries to contradict Ace’s acts of helping Jade and brings up her past mistakes. He reminds Ace of the time when Jade fooled him into believing that he is CJ’s father. Ace dismisses Gio’s thoughts; saying he does not care whether CJ is his or not but what matters is Lino’s  miserable state after losing CJ.

Meanwhile, Maggie (Jane de Leon) arrives home late at night after work. She catches Lino still up and staring at CJ’s photos. Lino tells her sister that Jade and CJ are staying with Ace, as confirmed by Gio. But he still can’t visit CJ because Jade would surely not allow him to. Besides, Lino does not want to stir more conflict and make a scene at Ace’s place.

Maggie assures Lino that Gio will definitely make a way to help him spend time with CJ without Jade’s knowledge. She asks her brother to simply trust Gio in this matter.

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