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Ang mga hindi malilimutang eksena ni Yen Santos bilang si Jacky sa Halik April 12, 2019 06:13 PM

Since the time Halik was born, it managed to emerge as a phenomenal series that put the social media on fire every night. It has become a groundbreaking soap opera that defied female dominance in classic Pinoy teleseryes. 

Yen Santos, who personified Jacky’s character, feels extremely blessed to become one of the stars among Halik’s stellar cast. There were waves of doubt at first but Yen proved that she has what it takes to become a huge soap opera’s lead actress. Never did she experience intense fighting scenes until she took on the role of Jacky which required her to display a fair balance of female feistiness and vulnerability.

Indeed, Yen does her assignment well and proving so are the instances when her on-screen brawls with Yam Concepcion became too realistic and even led to minor injuries. There was a time when the script required her to hurt Yam and she accidentally made the slap a bit stronger than expected; leading Yam to the emergency room due to signs of a lockjaw. Yen also experienced a bloodied ear while in doing a hair-pulling scene with her co-star. She may be a rookie when it comes to execution of fight scenes; nonetheless, Yen is grateful that her fellow actors and directors were never selfish of their guidance and coaching.

Now that Halik is about to take a bow in the small screen, Yen would surely miss a lot of things about the series – the extreme fighting scenes that bring them wound and injuries at times, the staff, and especially the cast whom she shared tons of good times with.