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Halik: Jacky, pansamantalang namaalam sa amang si Mauro April 26, 2019 11:02 PM

Mauro (Romnick Sarmenta) is surprised to receive an unexpected visitor at the precinct that day – none other than his stepdaughter, Jacky (Yen Santos) who is there to bid goodbye before she leaves for the States. 

After all the woes she has gone through, Jacky feels the need start fresh and rekindle the happiness she lost along the way. She no longer finds any reason to stay, and adds that she should have left a long time ago. More so, Jacky plans to use the period of solace as a way of letting go of the bitter memories of the past.

Crying out of remorse and sadness, Mauro expresses his desire to still see Jacky in the future; and that his daughter may realize how much he regretted his sins. Mauro promises to change his ways while inside the jail.
Without saying any words, Jacky simply wipes her tears as she turns her back at Mauro. But she stops walking away; appearing as though she hasn’t released all her sentiments yet.

The scene cuts to Mauro still standing at the visitors area and shedding tears in silence. Jacky comes from behind and calls him ‘Dad’ again. Jacky becomes emotional as she gets near Mauro for an embrace.
Meanwhile, Paeng (Cris Villanueva) is shown being treated by his co-detainees as a servant. In another cell, Helen (Almira Muhlach) cries as she receives a letter from Gio (Gab Lagman) saying he would patiently wait for the day when their family would be complete again.

Ace (Sam Milby), imprisoned as well, attends a Bible study with his fellow inmates.

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