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Halik: Jade, masaya nang dalawin siya ni baby CJ sa kulungan April 26, 2019 11:12 PM

After a series of drama and chaos, Jade (Yam Concepcion) finally yields to the law. Two lady cops escort her out of the hospital where she was confined due to a contagious pulmonary disease which she later on succeeded. 

Jade cries as she asks for Nanay Dolor’s forgiveness and she attempts to kneel down to her as a sign of sincerity. But Nanay Dolor stops her from doing so. She calls Jade ‘anak’ and tells her that the only thing she wishes from Jade is her determination to start anew for herself and Baby CJ.

Jade thanks Nanay Dolor for the unconditional love, endless patience, and motherly care she continues to receive from her.  But she requests Nanay Dolor to always remind Baby CJ everyday that he has a mother loving him from afar. 

Jade becomes more emotional as she cradles Baby CJ in her arms. 

Later on, Jade is shown staring at the pieces of drawings glued near her bed inside the prison cell. The illustrations are seem like created by a toddler.

Jade smiles in excitement as the guard informs her about the arrival of a guest. CJ, now a grown-up little boy, greets his ‘Mama Jade’ with a box of cake and a medal he got from school. 

Lino carries CJ and asks him to give Jade a kiss on the cheeks. Then, Lino holds Jade’s hands and touches her face while greeting her ‘Happy Birthday’. Lino is endeared as she looks at Jade and observes the tremendous changes in her attitude. Lino tells Jade that CJ is greatly proud of her.

Lino takes the cake out of the box and starts singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song for Jade. He takes out his phone to capture Jade and CJ’s photos.

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