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Halik: Jade, masayang nakalaya sa kulungan April 27, 2019 12:19 AM

After years of being imprisoned, Jade (Yam Concepcion), now annulled with Lino (Jericho Rosales), finally receive her freedom again. Jade stands at the visiting area as she waits for someone to accompany her.

After a while, Lino (Jericho Rosales) arrives with CJ, now a grown-up little boy. Lino asks CJ to come near his Mama Jade and to give her an embrace. Lino smiles and stares at Jade with endearment; his face displaying happiness and pride, while Jade looks at Lino with a smile of content as well.

Lino carries CJ in his arms and they both hug Jade. The three appear like a picture-perfect image a joyful family as they wrap each other in an embrace full of warmth. Lino and Jade may no longer be together as a couple but as Lino promised, they would still become huge part of each other’s lives.

Lino, Jade, and CJ arrive at Marissa’s (Nina Dolino) place; where Jade is going to stay. Marissa surprises Jade with a gift – a locally published book she authored. Marissa thanks Jade for being her inspiration in writing the book which talks about friendship and winning life’s toughest battles.

Jade requests Lino to let CJ stay with her even for just a night. Marissa and CJ head off to the kitchen; giving Lino and Jade the time to talk in private.

Jade thanks Lino for raising their child well. She slightly pokes the past when she and Ace (Sam Milby) tried to run away with CJ. But Lino touches Jade’s face and tells her to stop looking at the painful memories and embrace her new life instead.

After giving Lino a hug, Jade allows him to leave already as she knows someone else is waiting for him. The next scene shows Lino anticipating the arrival of Jacky who just recently returned in the Philippines again after her temporary stay abroad.

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