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Halik: Lino, niyakap nang mahigpit si Jacky sa muli nilang pagkikita April 27, 2019 08:59 AM

As soon as Jade (Yam Concepcion) and the Corpuzes were sent to jail, Lino (Jericho Rosales) and Jacky (Yen Santos) meet to set their feelings free.

After spending their lives for the sake of others’ welfare, Lino wants to give Jacky importance this time. But the reason why Jacky wanted to see him is to bid good bye for a while. Yet, she also vows to come home for Lino. Through all the things binding them together, Lino will always be in Jacky’s heart no matter where she goes.

Lino and Jacky finally see the stars aligning as they confess their love for one another. But Jacky needs more time to let go of all the heartaches and find solace again. This way, she and Lino would become more attuned to themselves and more prepared to love each other again.

Despite the odds, Lino and Jacky decide to gamble with fate; certain that the winds would still blow them back into each other’s arms.

Years later, Lino and Jacky meet again. After all this time, Lino still gets mesmerized with Jacky’s beauty; as evident in his smiles. Jacky walks near Lino and they finally grasp the happy ending to their intricate tale of love. They wrap one another in a tight embrace.

The scene continues with Lino’s voice over as he talks about the lessons he learned about the different facets of love. Barry (Christian Bables) and Ken (Hero Angeles) held hands while in a vacation. Marissa (Nina Dolino) launches her own book about friendship; inspired by her ‘sissy’ Jade.

Ace is still detained but is already showing tremendous improvement and changes in his attitude. Jade is granted her freedom; and her own kind of happy ending with her son, CJ denotes the power of a motherly love.

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