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Coleen shares trivia about her pets

ABS-CBN.com January 26, 2018 11:09 PM


Already missing the cast of Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin? We feel the same way. So, here’s Coleen Garcia sharing some trivia about some of her beloved pets.


If you follow Coleen on Instagram, you would know how much of an animal lover she is with all the photos she shares of her and her four-legged friends. Most people already know Summer the chihuahua because Coleen brings her almost everywhere. They are inseparable and Coleen likes to think that Summer is her guardian angel. The friendliest and fluffiest pet Coleen has is Buddy the keeshond. As for her feline friend, don’t let Anya’s scary look deceive you because this blue-eyed sphynx cat is friendly. The hairless, hypo-allergenic cat was an early anniversary gift from fiancé Billy Crawford who happens to be allergic to cats. And they named her Anya because they got her from Russia.


Aside from these three, Coleen also has 16-year-old Bambi, another chihuahua. Coleen revealed in a previous interview that she is hoping to let Bambi give her away on her wedding day. Their family also has a presa canario and a belgian malinois that protects their home.