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What Dianne Medina learned from Ipaglaban Mo Doktor

ABS-CBN.com July 22, 2016 07:48 PM

The Kapamilya legal drama “Ipaglaban Mo” takes on the story of a family deceived by a fake doctor and the girl he took advantage of. Dianne Medina plays the older sister of the raped girl, Donna (Celine Lim), in this episode entitled “Doktor.” The actress says that she is happy to be a part of the show because it creates awareness for women to be more careful and discerning of strangers so that they can protect themselves from being harassed. Dianne has high praises for “Ipaglaban Mo” saying that all of its episodes serve to inform common people of their rights and to assure them that they have a fighting chance in the eye of the law.

Dianne also discusses the challenges posed by her role as the older sister of the victim. She explains that more than the acting, it was actually internalizing the situation that she found emotionally demanding. According to the actress, it was difficult just thinking about having to accept that something bad happened to her sister and she was not even able to do anything to protect her. She reveals that she was able to relate to her role since she has a sister in real life that she is very close to and is very protective of.

Find out the important lessons Dianne learned from “Doktor” and how it was like working with the cast in this “Ipaglaban Mo” edition of Kapamilya Chat.