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What Jake learned from his first Ipaglaban Mo role

ABS-CBN.com August 19, 2016 07:49 PM

Jake Cuenca stars in his first ever Ipaglaban Mo episode. The hunk actor says that he is very honored to be a part of the 2nd anniversary celebration of the hit Kapamilya legal drama. He adds that he wanted to thank ABS-CBN Business Unit Head Ruel Bayani for including him in the anniversary episode.
Jake reveals that the episode is a compelling story of a gardener who was framed with the murder of his employer’s family and was forced by the police to admit that he committed the gruesome crime. The actor shares that this episode was physically exhausting and intense especially because his character was tortured. It was also quite challenging not having a lot of co-stars to draw emotions from. Jake explains that since most of the scenes were focused on his character, he could only rely on himself to come up with the emotions and get through the scenes.

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