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LOOK: Stunning Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla at the Miss Q & A Grand Finals July 02, 2018 07:05 PM
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Photo credit to marieltpadilla IG


Did she really give birth? It’s hard to tell seeing how stunning Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla is in her comeback.

The TV host has talked about her weight gain in previous interviews. She confessed that she refused to take pictures months after giving birth to her beautiful baby girl, Isabella. Mariel bravely admitted that she feared being shamed because of the changes her body underwent, explaining in detail that her wedding ring couldn’t even fit her finger anymore.

When Isabella turned one, Mariel reached her heaviest at 178 pounds. Motivated because she didn’t want people to think that she let herself go. The next time madlang people saw her on It’s Showtime, it didn’t feel like two years had passed. And during Miss Q & A Grand Finals she brought out her own beauty queen from within.

Mariel opened the show with gown that looked like the night sky with shooting stars. She followed this with a soft and elegant look that made her look glowing. Closing the pageant, she wore a blue gown with a floral print.