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Donna Cariaga: Funny One Season 2 champion who gripped us with her hilarious hugot on It’s Showtime

Gerry Plaza December 06,2017 01:09 PM

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What else can make people know the “Funny One” than one impressive comic talent they can identify and relate with banter about such a hilarious topic called “hugot.”

And improv artist Donna Cariaga, who hails from Baguio, surely knows how to use this deeply rooted, absorbing take of a love lost, albeit in such a laughable fashion that even the audience didn’t know what hit them.


She seemed just like a simple love struck next-door girl, who started her journey on “Funny One Season 2” on It’s Showtime with a problem about her love life, something we all can fathom and understand.

And here Donna set off her spellbinding tale that left us all gripped—losing her boyfriend “James” to another girl named “Gemma.”

Episode after episode in over three months of rib-tickling splendor, Donna just let it all out to the delight of everyone: how she would not let the masquerade pass; not letting James’ philandering ways fool her to the brink and become victorious in the end.

This hugot fest catapulted Donna to become one of the key frontrunners of the stand-up comedy competition, not only because of the titillating story that electrified all of us but also by the way she delivered it, with impressive comic timing and wit.

She definitely was a shoo-in in the semi-finals, and she continued her riotous narration of a seemingly one-sided affair, recalling hilariously how she would always turned a blind eye to James’ misgivings and even was in denial through all of it. And when everything came falling, reality set in: her James never really was the boyfie she had hoped. Her supposedly painful yet humorous retelling led her to the “Funny One Season 2” Grand Finals.

And marching to the Grand Finals, Donna finally had the guts to tell off her “ex” that it’s over, as she said she found someone new, a boy named Joshua. She sought closure, albeit with the help of slips of paper bearing lyrics of famous love songs, which unwittingly made her hugot a revelation that she still had feelings for James. But in that last phone call, she really called it quits, telling him they should “split” together. And, she did with her two legs stretching opposite to each other, indeed overjoyed that everything was over, but asked that someone would please help her up.

The finale of her grippingly hilarious story was a fitting end to her Funny One Season 2 journey and eventually made her the Grand Champion.

A very impressed Vice Ganda has some touching comments about this new phenomenal comic talent.

After winning the Funny One Season 2 competition, the Grand Champion came back on It’s Showtime to update us on James.

After all is said and done; after all the sidesplitting “hurt” and hugot she brought out—Donna ended up the winner—a Grand Winner, to be exact, of Funny One Season 2—and bagging the biggest prize of them all, P1 million, apart from the fame and recognition she now enjoys. Will she have any reason to wait for James’ call ever again? Maybe not.