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Love comes, love goes on It’s Showtime with these relatable memes

Gerry Plaza July 20,2018 11:11 PM

Nothing compares to the joy we feel when love starts, flourishes, and thrives in our lives. But of course love is never smooth sailing, as you encounter several bumps along the way.

And such an experience has also never been so celebrated by the fun gang of It’s Showtime, with gags and sequences that make us enjoy the feeling more yet crack at even the misfortune of losing it.

Especially those moments when Vice Ganda and “Ate Girl” Jackque Gonzaga lock eyes on each other, while the song “Can’t Stop This Feeling” plays. And their “story” relates to all of us, as seen on these Kapamilya Relate memes published on the ABS-CBN Official Facebook Page.

If meeting that love of your life for the first time is electrifying, what more when you’d make the first move?

And everything went well, you go on a date, and your ex sees you…

But when you get to know your love better, something came up…

And, as things did not turn out as you expected it, you may have to bail out because you may end up…

Advice: laugh it all off and hope for a brighter day as love always prevails, just like each noontime, weekdays on It’s Showtime.