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Paalam, Rico J. Puno: Memories of a legendary, helpful and fun TNT hurado on It’s Showtime

Gerry Plaza October 31,2018 12:36 AM

Tuesday, October 30, is a day of mourning not only for OPM, but for the entire entertainment industry as well.

Yet, the Madlang People would grieve the most as they lost an exceptional hurado on It’s Showtime for Tawag Ng Tanghalan. We would all miss his witty remarks, hilarious banters with hosts as he delivers his priceless comments and advice to contenders who are starting to walk a trial he had blazed as the pioneering OPM icon.

But apart from his role as a hurado, he would also join in the fun and not disappoint with his hilarious antics, and “samples,” such as his own version of a hit dance craze.


And make the dreams of a contender come true with a stirring duet


Or give back to another contender, who is in dire need of help.


He would also be touched as a father after receiving a heartfelt message from his daughter.


And, collaborate with fellow OPM icons and hurados Ogie Alcasid, Gary Valenciano to come up with a song for the TNT contenders.


And finally, showcase his standout and legendary singing prowess with fellow hurados Jaya and Mitoy.


He would then take the spotlight and how much of a Total Entertainer he is in this “gift” to the Madlang People—singing the song that launched his career—his cover of the Barbara Streisand original “The Way We Were.” Who could forget how infused Tagalog in the classic song so seamlessly. And of course, his career birthday tribute won’t be complete without those “I love you’s” to the women he adores ever since with his 80s ballad “Together Forever.”


With the energy, charisma, and credibility he possessed as a complete performer through the years as he sat on the hurados’ section on Tawag Ng Tanghalan on It’s Showtime, Rico J. Puno’s legacy as a total entertainer is what he generously passed on to OPM hopefuls who’d want to take the same path.

Their continuing success is truly what makes Rico J. Puno’s fulfilled in his illustrious career journey now consummated.