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9 most viewed It’s Showtime moments through the years on YouTube

Pamela Adriano November 05,2018 12:14 AM

It’s Showtime has earned the distinction of not only drawing the most viewers on the noontime slot on TV, but also getting the biggest volume of YouTube views among netizens.

As the show continues to brighten the Madlang People’s noontime with its incredible, hilarious, fun-filled vibe for the past nine years, here are the top nine most viewed It’s Showtime moments the online audience considered so enjoyable that they view it not once but click back numerous times on YouTube.

1: Bebe boy contestant is shocked to see his ex in the audience

Views as of writing: 10,730,623 views 


Most of us can attest how closure plays a big role in officially ending everything in a romantic relationship. It can actually be a signal that the two individuals involved can finally move on with their lives and start anew. Bebe boy contestant Kym Vergara and his ex-girlfriend had the chance to do so in live television. Kym was not expecting that his ex was one of the live audience members watching, the same way how the girl was not expecting Kym to be one of the contestants. Both admitted they’re actually in good terms and that they’re happy for each other. 

2. Vice kisses Karylle on 'Showtime Kapamilya Day'

Views as of writing: 9,630,523 views


Vice Ganda pulled a surprise when he kissed his co-host and good friend Karylle during the It’s Showtime Kapamilya Day, which happened at the Araneta Coliseum three years ago. It was a much talked happening everyone believed to be unexpected. However, according to both hosts, Vice did it for the production which was him performing his version of Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’, and of course, for the fans. 

3. Vice Ganda talks to a German lady

Views as of writing: 7,323,967 views


It clicked with the audience and the viewers most probably because of how Vice Ganda started and brought the conversation into a very entertaining one. However, when he interviewed a German from the audience, it showed us more than just the jokes. It reflected how Filipinos can be so hospitable when welcoming people, especially foreigners, here in our country. 

4. "Ate Girl" Jackque wins over Vice

Views as of writing:  5,107,319 views 


Admit it or not, most of us got ourselves laughing over Vice Ganda in one of It’s Showtime’s PUROKatatawanan episodes, where he can’t win over “Ate Girl” Jackque Gonzaga. I bet most of you had the question “Ano’ng gulay ang nakakapanghina” stuck in your heads as Vice jokingly repeated it several times just to hear an answer from his team during that time but still failed to do so.

5. Vice Ganda blames Liza

Views as of writing:   4,953,974 views



Our appreciation for Liza Soberano’s beauty has really gone beyond anything and we cannot blame ourselves for that! Just like what Vice Ganda said in this episode, there’s actually something about Liza’s voice, which adds more beauty to Liza herself and to her personality. That was after Liza said her promotion spiel for LizQuen’s movie “My Ex and Whys.”

6. Vice Ganda's most kept photos

Views as of writing:   4,343,493 views 


Vhong Navarro and Anne Curtis made fun of Vice Ganda as his throwback pictures were flashed. But props to Vice for always being a good sport despite the rip-roaring moment when his hidden snaps were suddenly exposed.

7. Vice Ganda walks out!

Views as of writing: 4,305,124 views


Vhong Navarro and Anne Curtis cannot really get enough of teasing Vice Ganda! In this episode, Anne jokingly said that maybe when Vice was still riding in jeepneys, the fare was still as low as 25 cents. And Vhong added that if ever Vice rides in a jeepney now, his fare will still be low because of the senior citizen discount. He’d jokingly walk out because of this but we all know these are just for fun and we enjoy and get so entertained watching moments like this!

8. It's Showtime: Vice Ganda gets emotional as he shares his memories with Franco

Views as of writing:  3,979,912 views


We all were in shock when we got the news that Hashtag member Franco Hernandez had passed away. As a co-mainstay of It’s Showtime and a friend, Vice Ganda couldn’t help but be so emotional when he was sharing fond wonderful memories of the Hashtag member. The host shared how his relationship was with one of the people he considers his ‘anak’ and how Franco worked so hard during his days on the noontime show.


9. It's Showtime: Newest dance craze by Vice, Vhong and Billy

Views as of writing:   3,783,368 views 


When Vice Ganda, Vhong Navarro, and Billy Crawford hit the dance floor, we will surely be in awe of how great they are as dancers! We got ourselves dancing also as they showed us their popular dance move ‘Haypa’ in this episode. It will not be surprising if the hit dance move will make its comeback!

What other sensational, unforgettable moments would leave YouTube users hooked? Catch more It’s Showtime videos on the ABS-CBN Entertainment channel and the It’s Showtime Online Universe on YouTube.