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Kapamilya Toplist: 20 funniest 'caught on cam' moments that will make you LOL in Its Showtime

Krista Baldono October 11, 2018 03:34 AM

For nine years, It’s Showtime delighted us with awesome contests, exceptional talent, moving real stories, and of course, the riotous hosts! 

Yet even with superb entertainment comes the hilarious pitfalls. Since the show is aired live, on-cam bloopers are bound to happen.

Such was when Vice Ganda fell from his stool numerous times in the MiniMe portion, and, how Vhong Navarro, Karylle and Vice slipped on stage. There was also a time when Vice was very eager to sing that his saliva rained on Anne Curtis! Nevertheless, as professional artists, our It’s Showtime hosts truly know how to shake off the embarrassment.

Aside from the accidental scenes that made us cry in laughter, there were also some hilarious moments that came because of the hosts’ playfulness, particularly Vice. From exposing a sleeping Hashtag Tom Doromal, and almost destroying the TNT gong as he lunged on Jhong Hilario, to causing a backwards-walking cameraman to tumble as he was taking a live shot of him “sulking” after being “spurned” by a TNT contestant, Vice really can trigger a sidesplitting ruckus. He even ends up hurting himself and almost ruining his look.

There were also other memorable epic fail moments caught on cam. When Jhong was supposed to surprise Vice, he was the one who got caught off guard by Vice’s reaction. Vice also ended up being teased when he greeted the wife of a TNT contestant, yet wrongly addressed her. And there was this one instance when Anne ignored Vice’s high five making him look so hilarious!

Also, it was not just our hosts who made us laugh. Remember the Miss Q and A Grand Finalist Princess Khim Santillan? His dentures fell as he delivered his grand personal introduction! On the other hand, another remarkable Miss Q and A contender President Ganda Curtis Smith gave us non-stop laughs with his witty, off-the-cuff remarks. And, who could forget the time when a TNT contender inadvertently spit some water at Vhong that left everyone rolling in the aisles.

So as we celebrate It’s Showtime’s ninth year anniversary, let us reminisce some of those unexpected gaffes that left us ROTFL in this Kapamilya Toplist.