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Vice and Ion Kilig on It's Showtime

Mary Ann Bardinas December 08, 2018 02:01 AM

He may be a loud and proud gay, but Vice Ganda has been paired with various ladies throughout the nine years of It’s Showtime, starting with his co-host Karylle. Their phenomenal tandem didn’t only gave birth to the ViceRylle loveteam, but also introduced us to his straight male alter-ego, the ruggedly handsome Viceral. 

Last year, his team-up with one of the dancers, Jackque “Ate Girl” Gonzaga bloomed as he pretentiously trifles with her every day during the Miss Q & A segment, where he is the regular host while she is the holder of the bowl of questions for the candidates.

From then, audiences have been awaiting ViceJack's kilig-inducing and hilarious skits every afternoon that have gone extra exciting and funnier with the intermeddling of the noontime show’s frequent guest co-host Bela Padilla as she jestingly expressed her hidden admiration to the Unkabogable Star. This ignited an unforgettable love triangle that we really couldn’t get enough with.

But, as the second season of the well-known pageant commenced last August 2018, we’re able to see the feminine side of him as he' flirted' with the dapper and handsome escorts who completely caught his sight and his heart, starting with Yam Povido, then with Greg Hawkins, and now Ion Perez.

In his three months in the show, he’s the one who has the longest appearance among the Kuya Escorts. Thus, it’s no wonder why he has gained popularity and the admiration of the madlang people, not only because of his pleasing physical features, but of his innate sense of humor and snazzy dance moves as well. 

Besides, he also has an endearing way to charm everyone, particularly Vice, with the flowery words he utters, the sweet gestures he does, and his willingness to do everything he is told to do as he tries to win his heart over his stiff rival Ate Girl Jackque, even though he’s going to be the laughingstock in the end.

As this year is coming to a close, let’s reminisce five of the most thrilling and most comical on-screen moments of Vice and Kuya Escort Ion through this video.