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Team Cassie is the unanimous choice among netizens in Kadenang Ginto poll

Krista Baldono December 04,2018 12:05 AM

Kadenang Ginto has gripped us with fiery, heart-stopping confrontations and clashes in its just about two months of airing.

Romina Andrada-Mondragon (Beauty Gonzalez) and Daniela Mondragon-Bartolome (Dimples Romana) have set our emotions high with their intense face-offs in the story. And springing from the clashes between these two outstanding lead actresses is a different kind of rivalry between their daughters Cassandra "Cassie" Andrada-Mondragon (Francine Diaz) and Margaret "Marga" Mondragon-Bartolome (Andrea Brillantes).

Cassie and Marga already had an unsavory encounter when they first met during Roberto “Robert” Mondragon’s (Albert Martinez) birthday celebration. Cassie accidentally poured paint on Marga’s favorite dress that led Marga to push Cassie onto the swimming pool.

As they became teenagers, the two girls developed such distinct personalities. Marga became the Queen Bee of her school Maxwell, always being on top of her game. On the other hand, Cassie became the champion of the poor, imparting her knowledge on arts and basic education to less fortunate little children by conducting mini classes on the streets.

Cassie and Marga did not meet after what happened in Robert’s birthday celebration, until they both became participants of an interschool Quiz Bee match. In that event, Cassie’s team won over Marga’s team. Marga recognized Cassie when the latter received her award.

They became schoolmates when Robert decided to transfer Cassie into Maxwell.

With the unfinished dispute between their mothers, Cassie and Marga are certainly bound to have a blistering set of clashes too. And between these two beautiful girls who share the spotlight, Cassie is the one currently winning the hearts of the people!


In our Kapamilya Poll, an overwhelming 88.35% of netizens would join “Team Cassie” due to the consistent virtuousness she shows throughout the series. Meanwhile, 11.65% would want to be part of “Team Marga” as they relate to her toughness in dealing with the challenges she faces.

Witness more of their spine-tingling encounters on Kadenang Ginto, weekdays after It’s Showtime.