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Gold Silver Bronze Challenge with Andrea and Francine

Isabelle Francez Raymundo November 08, 2018 01:56 AM

Kadenang Ginto is all about riches. It is already implied on the title. But looking at Marga and Cassie’s lives, the afternoon drama will tell you that there are different kinds of riches. While both ladies are blessed with a physical wealth, some might say that Cassie’s real treasure is her sweet and kind attitude. Unlike Marga who, after her parents went broke, is now keeping up pretenses to maintain her status in school. What other forms does gold come in? Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz are here to let us know in this Gold, Silver, Bronze Challenge.

If we are talking about food, Francine believes that adobo is like gold, sinigang is silver and tinola is the bronze. Although, Andrea would argue that adobo and sinigang could tie for the top seat, just avoid asking her about the meat itself. Turns out, Andrea has been a vegetarian for six months, until she was told that she needed protein. Which is why she shifted to being a pescatarian. She still avoids meat at all cost but is fine with seafood. To clarify, the young actress is not doing this as a diet. “Ayaw ko lang kumakain ng animals,” Andrea explained. One thing she will never let go of, however, are chocolates.

One thing they can agree on is that fine dining is pure bronze. Francine admitted she does not understand the menu, while Andrea just does not like the overly fancy ambiance. Also, lipsticks are the number one must have item in any make-up bag. And as far as fashion is concerned, clothes are of the utmost necessary because what else would you wear.

When it comes to fame and fortune, you can trust Marga and Cassie to know better. Check out this Entertainment Exclusive to find out what else they have to say!