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First And Last Game with KathNiel

Isabelle Francez Raymundo September 14, 2018 11:44 PM

Think you are a KathNiel superfan yet?

We know about the early roles that shaped them to be one of the country’s biggest love teams. Then there is "The Hows of Us" which has become a testament to their growth and maturity overtime. Let us not forget that kissing scene we all waited years for. Now, we have a chance to get more personal with the two as they take on the First and Last Game!

Daniel Padilla once got an actual cellphone as a gift from a fan. He couldn’t believe someone would just give a phone to a new actor, “Sobrang todo noon.” It was especially memorable because he came from a simpler life, “from the hoods ako, biglang bibigyan ako?” On the other hand, Kathryn Bernardo shared that they are both thankful for Director Cathy Garcia-Molina and "The Hows of Us."

When she was a kid, her dream job was to be a make-up artist. Meanwhile, he always wanted to be an engineer because he hopes to design houses. He was confident about drawing. The problem was the math part. Other than that, he also thinks of being a professional basketball player. But he might opt for a coaching job instead after the recently concluded All Star Basketball Game 2018.

And what would they do if the world comes to an end? “Okay, so zombie apocalypse. Pag-usapan natin paano mangyayari,” Daniel started off ready to paint a well thought out scenario. He wants to turn his house into a fortress where all his and Kathryn’s family could stay safe. It would be three stories high and would have towers for the snipers.

She wants to hoard as much food as they can to survive, but he knows how dangerous supermarkets can be. “Mga tatlong cast namamatay sa supermarket,” so his advice is to have friends who can be sacrificial lambs. Another tip from Daniel is to tie up any family members that turn into the flesh-eating monsters, just in case a cure is invented then you will be able to save them.

Ang saya 'di ba ng zombie, ang daming mangyayari,” he said excited after all the apocalyptic movies he has seen.

It was fun hearing KathNiel talk passionately about their life and the things they enjoy. Hopefully, we will get another opportunity like this in the future!