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Lobo & Imortal characters who made a comeback in La Luna Sangre February 19, 2018 12:29 AM
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La Luna Sangre is the sequel to the fantasy series, Imortal, that aired in 2010 and the third chapter to the series, Lobo in 2008. That’s the reason why some of your favorite characters in the first two installments made a comeback in La Luna Sangre - from Lia, Mateo and to most of the werewolves and vampires.

They brought memories from the past and helped rewrite the future of werewolves and vampires. But how did these characters end become part of Malia and Tristan’s love story? Here’s a tiny bit of a backgrounder for you.

1. Lia Ortega (Angel Locsin, Imortal)

It was shown at the start of La Luna Sangre that both of Malia’s parents were once powerful creatures but chose love over power, and chose to be the loving parents of Malia. Lia, Malia’s mom was once a powerful lobo or werewolf in Imortal, with the ability to eliminate vampires with just a touch of her hand a threat to the clan of Mateo – vampires.

2. Mateo Rodriguez (John Lloyd Cruz, Imortal)

He’s the chosen one of the coven and the most powerful vampire in Imortal. With his love for Malia, they were able to defeat Magnus and the hybrid army..

3. Samantha Imperial (Maricar Reyes-Poon, Imortal)

She was able to show how strong of a vampire she is with her comeback in La Luna Sangre, as she was once anointed as the chosen one. She was the adopted daughter of Magnus Imperial, and the half sister of Sandrino and Tristan.

4. Barang (Shamaine Buencamino, LLS/ Kalila Aguilos, Imortal)

Barang was Sandrino’s foster mother, and was revealed in La Luna Sangre that she was responsible for turning Sandrino into a vampire after Tonio killed him and made her revenge for their race.

5. Gael Mercado (Bryan Santos, Imortal)

One of the characters who switched sides with Malia’s parents, Lia and Mateo in Imortal.

6. Jethro Kabigting (Dino Imperial, Imortal)

One of the first Imortal characters who appeared in La Luna Sangre. He is the seer and blogger who posted about the upcoming prophecy on vampires and werewolves way back in Imortal until he predicted the fate of two lovers, Tristan and Malia, as enemies.

7. Omar (Ahron Villena, Lobo)

Ahron also made a comeback in La Luna Sangre as his own vampire character, Omar, a role he also portrayed in Lobo.

8. Miriam Villamor (Erika Padilla, Imortal)

Best friend of Malia’s mom in Imortal, who brought reminiscent stories about Lia and Mateo and that shows the reasons behind every events in the present.

9. Clarisse Zaragoza (Nina Dolino, Imortal)

Before she became LLU’s ally in La Luna Sangre, she once hated Lia in Imortal as she was also in love with Mateo.

10. Lydia (Nikki Valdez, Imortal)

She is Malia’s surrogate mother who sacrificed her life to protect Lia’s daughter. She was also a foster mother to Mateo in Imortal.