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How Isay and Isagani showed us true love on Los Bastardos

Krista Baldono April 15,2019 02:39 PM

In the first two months of Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Los Bastardos, we witnessed the heart-rending love triangle between Isagani (Jake Cuenca), Isay (Maxene Medina) and Dulce (Kylie Versoza).

The three were childhood friends and since they were little kids, Isagani’s eyes were focused on Dulce. He just looked at Isay as a best friend or a sister, while Dulce holds a special place in his heart. Those feelings of Isagani never changed even though Dulce went to another country for a long time. He never saw how special Isay is, even though Isay never left his side.

On the other hand, despite seeing Isagani’s indifference, Isay kept on loving Isagani secretly. She didn’t stop taking care for him and his family. She never hesitates to go for the extra mile. Isay continued to express her kind, generous heart in words and in actions towards Isagani and his family.

When Dulce came back after completing her studies in another country, she reunited with her childhood friends Isagani and Isay. Clearly, Isagani’s feelings toward Dulce never changed. Nevertheless, Isay also didn’t let jealousy take control over her. She chose to be selfless and maintained her cheerful and loving personality.

Although Isay already saw it coming, it still pierced her heart to hear directly from Isagani how deeply he loves Dulce. And after that moment, Isay was smart enough to protect herself from suffering more in the next days. She decided to stop herself from hoping that Isagani will love her the way she loves him someday and chose to settle on being his friend.

Just as when we thought Isay’s love will end up unrequited, one unexpected incident changed things for them. Isay’s life was put into danger when Connor (Joshua Colet) attempted to rape her just to get back at Isagani for destroying his plans. Finding an unconscious Isay on the road that night, Isagani was scared to death thinking that Isay might never live again.

After realizing how important Isay is to him, Isagani chose to focus on her. He helped Isay to recover from the trauma that she had after Connor’s attempted rape. He made Isay laugh and worked on diverting Isay’s attention to other things. Meanwhile, Dulce is beginning to lose his feelings too over Isagani, and begins to open her heart for Lorenzo (Joseph Marco).

In one ordinary day, Isagani was surprised to have an extraordinary moment. As Isay arrived on the set up for the Cardinal family’s special dinner, Isagani’s eyes shifted to her and felt like the world somehow stopped revolving for a moment. Finally, he saw Isay’s beauty.


Being aware of his special feelings for Isay, Isagani made extra efforts to spend more quality time with her. He started doing simple things to show his love for Isay, like giving her a pair of slippers.

And when Isay’s life was put into danger again, Isagani felt the urgency to tell Isay how he feels. After saving her from Matteo’s (Marco Gumabao) henchman, the one who planted the bomb during the opening event of Lorenzo’s resort, Isagani expressed how much he cares for Isay and told her directly that he now loves her. Thus, Isay confessed her secret love for Isagani which she chose to bury deep down.

Now, Isay refused to accept Isagani’s love in fear that she might be just a rebound because Isagani’s relationship with Dulce didn’t work out. But Isagani is certain about the love that she feels for Isay and he won’t stop proving how true his feelings are until Isay learns to accept him.

Indeed, the way Isay and Isagani loved each other shows us that true love should be selfless. Their story reminds us to continue to have faith in love. And because their love story isn’t finished yet, let us witness the more exciting moments between them in Los Bastardos, weekdays after Kadenang Ginto on Kapamilya Gold.