Sunday after Banana Sundae


LUV U S.Y. 2013-2014 welcomes a new batch of freshmen. 

And one of them is Lexie Domingo. A strong willed, headstrong girl who gets into trouble with the fearsome called the Breakers, which consist of Benj, Archie, Drake.

Lexie, hates bratty and arrogant boys who gets to acts as kings of the school because of their rich parents. So, instead of being sorry for what happened, Lexie tells Benj, that is was their fault.

Benj, falls for Lexie’s feisty attitude, and as he tries to win over her affection and approval, Lexie discovers that there’s a soft side within Benj’s hard exterior.

Things gets complicated for the new batch, as their family problems gets into the mix of the school’s regular load of learning obstacles.