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Two years of touching letters that leave celebrities in tears on Magandang Buhay

Gerry Plaza May 16,2018 12:18 PM


Nothing else could bring much joy, yet leave you in tears, than a touching letter from a loved one.


For two years, Magandang Buhay made it a point to have its celebrity guests read letters from their parents, siblings, spouses, children, romantic partners, and even close friends that really tug the heart. It leaves them grounded, become sentimental with all the memories they had with them, and confirm and substantiate how much they love them and how important they are in their lives.


And we as viewers learn that even if they had become so successful and popular, these celebrities don’t forget what’s essential—the bond of family, friendship, and love is all that matters to them.





The love for a sibling is deep and genuine, just like Maymay Entrata who was left to tears with a letter from her “partner in crime”…



For Elisse Joson, the love of her mom is most inspiring and strengthening given the challenges they faced together. And, receiving a letter from her mom, thanking her for all the love and support is deeply touching.



For Marlo Mortel, no one is more important than his mom Merlie, who sent him a letter thanking him for all the care and support as she battles cancer.



And Vin Abrenica, who can’t help but snuggle up to his Kuya Aljur, who has always been there to support him through thick and thin. Aljur also appreciates how much Vin has achieved in his career and is proud of him.



Same with Louise delos Reyes, who always makes it a point to give back all the love her family gives, especially her mom, who sent her a moving letter thanking her for all the support and love and not forgetting a “pasalubong” every time she comes home.


Celebrity moms Donita Rose and Teresa Loyzaga, meanwhile, show their love and appreciation for their sons, who sent them moving letters.



We also see the closeness of Gerald Anderson to his entire family, who always appreciate all that he’s done for them, as he read letters from his parents.



But nothing compares to the influence and the impact of a mother to a son than Vice Ganda’s Nanay Rosario to her Unkabogable child. Vice says it’s only her smile that keeps him going as an artist and inspires him to make other people laugh.



A touching sight to see is how family is at the core of your being, just like Ronnie Alonte and Loisa Andalio, who read letters from their parents. It was also heartbreaking to witness Loisa seek the long-missed embrace of her father.


Even in the age of social media and innovations in digital communications, nothing beats reading a handwritten letter from your loved one. It so touches you deeply and leaves an indelible mark in your heart. Magandang Buhay recognizes this value and has time and again made their guests feel at home and genuinely loved by the people who matter in their lives.


Two years of touching letters that leave celebrities in tears on Magandang Buhay (Part 2)

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