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10 times Michael showed fatherly affection to Mikmik in Nang Ngumiti ang Langit

Mary Ann Bardinas June 13,2019 01:53 AM

Being present and hands on in the lives of our children even before they were born up until they grew up is truly important not only for these young ones, but for their parents as well.

However, there are parents who aren’t given the opportunity to be with their kids due to varied reasons, just like Michael Villaluna of Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit, played by versatile actor RK Bagatsing.

Viewers are touched with the heartwarming tale of the oblivious father and his longing daughter who were separated by the complicated situation they’re in and the decision of the late Ella Dimaano (Kaye Abad) to keep their offspring Mikmik (Sophia Reola) away from the sight of both the Salvadors and the Villalunas.

As time went by, the universe has conspired to make their paths finally cross and allow them to get to know and spend time with one another in a much unexpected way. Their start might had been rough and marred with doubts and fears, but they conquered it and has developed a tight bond as friends, without them knowing that they are related by blood.

Now that Michael has already found out the real identity of Mikmik and is on the brink of telling her the truth, not to mention that it coincides with the forthcoming celebration of Father’s Day this year, let’s take a look back on the moments when he demonstrated his innate fatherly affection to her through this special feature.

He kept her away from harm

It wasn’t actually the first time they met since it can be recalled that their first encounter was when Michael just got emancipated and Benjie (Keempee de Leon) planned to make them meet. But it failed since Mikmik got frightened just at the sight of him and began screaming.

Thus, it wasn’t surprising when she got scared upon seeing him again. However, their recent situation was different since there were only the two of them and a group of goons were running after Michael. Despite needing to save himself from getting captured and Mikmik’s reaction on his presence, he didn’t hesitate to tag her along with him and keep both of them away from harm.

He didn’t involve her in his predicament

As the young girl continued to be stubborn, Michael did not stop from compelling her to just trust him as they ran away from the hooligans and aimed to get out of the woods and go back at their respective homes. Even though he’s already tired of running, he still exerted his full effort to protect themselves from imminent danger and to not involve Mikmik in his predicament.

He eased up her fears

Apart from easing up the tension and fright brought to her by their situation, Michael also kissed away Mikmik’s nyctophobia (or fear of darkness) by assuring her that nothing would happen to them as they headed on to a dark spot in the forest.

Besides, he also guaranteed her that contrary to what the news reports said about him, he’s actually a good person who did a huge mistake in the past and yearns to live a brand new life.

He protected her at all cost

As he let Mikmik fall into a deep slumber, Michael did everything to provide her a good and safe sleep by stealthily building a makeshift shelter out of tree branches and leaves in the middle of the night. As she woke up the next day, he made her feel that he would always be there for her as he suddenly reappeared exactly by the time that she’s already too scared.

He immediately attended to her needs

While he kept on insisting to her not to climb up the tree and just wait for him, Mikmik refused to obey and still went on to boast her skills. However, instead of getting the mangoes she longed to eat, what she got was a huge cut on her foot.

Upon hearing her yelp, Michael immediately attended to her and asked her which part of her body was hurt. Besides, instead of blaming and scolding her for what happened like what other adults do, he soothed her by saying that he would treat her wound.

He knows how to embolden her

Since a huge twig injured her foot and left it bloodied, Mikmik couldn’t help but be scared of the excruciating pain she has to endure as Michael try to pluck it out. So to strengthen her heart, he taught him different ways to conquer her fear, which was effective because he’s able to pull out the twig without her noticing.

He is sensitive with her feelings and knows how to make her smile

With Mikmik still finding it difficult to stand and to stride, Michael decided to carry her on his broad and strong shoulders as they continued their journey out of the woods. As she mentioned her mom and the things she had taught her about plants, Mikmik wasn’t able to hold back her emotions. Michael felt it in spite of her denial and tried to cheer her up by handing her a chrysanthemum flower they saw along the way and making her laugh by pretending to mishear what she just uttered. And it worked.

He loves her so much

When the time came that they had to part ways after Michael was able to return Mikmik to her family – the Salvadors – he promised to keep in touch with her by consistently exchanging letters with the help of Benjie and agreed to help her construct a tent for her and her friends. They bade each other farewell with a tight, warm embrace.

He appreciates everything she does

And they indeed fulfilled their promise to one another! Days after they parted ways, Michael received a call from Benjie telling him that Mikmik wanted to give him something so they had to meet. Since she’s into crafting bracelets, she gifted him a simple bracelet with his name on it.

Concern was also evident in him as he kept on asking Benjie regarding her condition and giving him a few reminders and advise in order for Mikmik to recuperate immediately. 

With these, there’s indeed no doubt that Michael is going to be a great dad to Mikmik! For more heartwarming moments between Michael and Mikmik, keep on watching Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit, weekdays before It’s Showtime.