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It’s Team Rebecca over Team Stella in Ngayon at Kailanman poll

Krista Baldono November 14,2018 12:07 AM

We all know Ngayon at Kailanman is JoshLia’s first ever prime time series together, and we see how their acting prowess continues to soar. But aside from the highlighted love story of Eva Mapendo and Inno Cortes, played by one of the most ‘kilig’ love teams in the country, two sophisticated and powerful women also reign on every episode of the enthralling series. And they are Rebecca Marquez-Young played by Iza Calzado, and Stella Simbajon-Cortes played by Alice Dixson.

As the story began, we first knew Rebecca, a woman whose life was filled with happiness and love. With her other half Rodrigo Cortes (TJ Trinidad) by her side, they lived a simple and quiet life in a province. They had a beautiful baby daughter who they named Angela. Rebecca could not ask for anything else, until one event changed her. When Rodrigo went back to the city to pay his respects for his deceased father, he never managed to come back to Rebecca. Rodrigo was killed due to the inheritance he is set to receive. Following Rodrigo, Rebecca finds out about Rodrigo’s death and was also assassinated. She and her daughter Angela were declared dead by the authorities.

Behind all Rebecca’s miseries was one selfish and ambitious woman, Stella. She is the wife of Rodrigo’s half-brother named Hernan Cortes (Christian Vasquez). When she knew that Hernan won’t inherit even a single penny from the Cortes fortune because Rodrigo was the biological son, she influenced her husband and became the main mastermind of Rodrigo’s slaying and Rebecca’s assassination. In doing so, she and Hernan acquired all the wealth of the Cortes family.

Years after, Rebecca reappeared as a strong woman who knows how to play and to fight. She survived her assassination, and lives for one main agenda: to know the truth and attain justice for Rodrigo and baby Angela. Meanwhile, Stella continued to be on top. She managed the jewelry business of the Cortes family.

Rebecca and Stella’s paths crossed when Hernan coincidentally lived in Rebecca’s neighborhood in the province. Upon meeting each other, Rebecca and Stella both knew each other’s personality. And when Rebecca strived to befriend Stella and became her business partner in hopes to unveil the truth on her family’s tragedy, the dirty game between these two feisty women begun.

As their encounters become fiercer and fiercer in Ngayon at Kailanman, we asked the netizens who among Rebecca and Stella do they want to win in their game of secrets, lies and power. Based on the poll results, 77.98% of respondents would want to be with Team Rebecca, while 22.02% picked to join Team Stella!

Still, the battle is just starting for Rebecca and Stella. Watch more intensifying scenes between these two sophisticated women in Ngayon at Kailanman, weeknights after