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PAANDAR 2018: The most intense clashes of Stella and Rebecca in Ngayon at Kailanman

Mary Ann Bardinas December 28,2018 12:39 AM

Apart from the continuously blooming romance of Inno Cortes (Joshua Garcia) and Eva Mapendo (Julia Barretto) in Ngayon at Kailanman, another reason why we get excited to watch every episode of the primetime series every night is the fiery catfights between the good-natured Rebecca (Iza Calzado) and the scheming Stella (Alice Dixson).

Ever since their paths crossed, not a moment passes by without them getting involved in scorching or subtle spats that ranges from their personal grudges against each other up to business matters. Every time we witness their sparring through words, some of us arguably feels like watching a boxing match, sans the jabs and blows, as they relentlessly hit each other physically and verbally.

Thus, as this year comes to an end, here’s a roundup of the most intense and most remarkable quarrels of these equally gorgeous and fearless women, ranked from the tenuous to the most violent.

Round 1: The Sizzling Dinner

Just like what some us usually do every time we meet new neighbors or colleagues, Stella seemingly tried to make a good impression on Rebecca, the newfound friend of her husband Hernan (Christian Vasquez) whom she met for the first time, by preparing a home-cooked meal as she invited her to join them for dinner.

As they ate, they quizzed one another on simple get-to-know questions. Their responses and statements hinted double meanings, with Stella derisively implying her disdain against the Hernan and Rebecca’s friendship.

But what truly aroused the viewers was when Rebecca talked about her deceased better half named “Rod” who was “killed” by liver cancer, which made Stella anxious that she might mention her demised brother-in-law Rodrigo (TJ Trinidad).

Round 2: Rebecca wants Cortes

After Rebecca unravelled her real identity, Stella came up with the idea of fostering close ties with her as she was suspecting then that she resurfaced to find out the truth regarding Rodrigo’s death.

The former already knew that her nemesis was not sincere, but just went with it saying that she also pines to learn a lot from her. When asked what she wants, Rebecca replied that she wants to own a Cortes. This shocked Stella, but she later on realized that maybe what she meant was to have a piece of Cortes jewelry.

Rebecca agreed to what she said, imparting that Rodrigo wasn’t able to give her one before he died, thus Stella offered to let her see some of her designs.

Round 3: Fishing or Phishing?

We would probably have reacted the same as Rebecca when she received a surprise phone call from her frenemy, saying that she only wanted to check her out or how she’s doing.

She fooled her by telling that she’s “fishing” at the moment, which Stella thought was an accusation of her “phishing”, or deceitfully collecting information from her. But Rebecca clarified that she’s actually “fishing”, or catching a “big fish” that she would deep fry in boiling oil. Well, she was simply referring to her tenacious rival and her unwavering determination to find out the truth and seek justice for her family.

Round 4: Trick or Threat

Rebecca once again showed Stella that she’s not the type who would easily be tricked by Stella and Alfred’s (Rey “PJ” Abellana) conniving schemes. As she requested him to leave them for a while, a subtle spat ensued which ended with both of them threatening that they would file a lawsuit against each other.

Round 5: The Name Game

As Rebecca expressed her interest to invest in Cortes Jewelry, Stella invited her for a meeting and showed her the new collection of plastic jewelry. As their “business meeting” went on, the former hinted on her enthusiasm to know the “secrets” – the secret behind the success of the company – that piqued the latter, thinking that she was referring to the secret behind the mysterious death of Rodrigo.

Stella then brought up how she discovered that Rebecca has been doing her research about her and the company, which the latter retaliated that she’s also aware how she did the same to her stealthily. Their supposed formal conversation turned into heated and personal as they “brainstormed” on possible names for the new designs, such as “The Gold Digger” (referring to Stella for allegedly just going after the wealth of the Corteses) and “The Scarlet Letter” (referring to Rebecca being an alleged mistress before getting married).

Round 6: The Stimulating Slap

Dropping by the Cortes Residence unannounced, Rebecca almost failed to have a conversation with Stella for she was already intoxicated due to her medication. Thus, she did something to wake her up – not only from her grogginess but into reality as well – slapping her so hard, which definitely worked!

Round 7: The Main Event

After years of searching, Rebecca finally found her missing daughter Angela in aspiring young jeweller Roxanne (Elisse Joson). Thus, she staged a welcome party to introduce her to everyone. However, as she recounted the tragic event that almost killed her and the untimely death of her husband Rodrigo, she made the affair extra exciting by exposing that Stella, who was one of the attendees, was the mastermind as she planned to take away the inheritance bequeathed by the Cortes patriarch to their family. This controversial announcement spawned to their ferocious word war and intense catfight.

Is it still possible for Rebecca and Stella to reconcile? Or their hearts will remain fuelled with animosity and bitterness? Let’s find out by watching Ngayon at Kailanman, weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano on Primetime Bida.