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Friday 5: 5 times Dom and Inno tried to win Eva's heart in Ngayon At Kailanman

Krista Baldono November 09, 2018 12:05 AM

With Eva Mapendo’s (Julia Barretto) captivating beauty and her kind personality, it’s unquestionable that Inno Cortes (Joshua Garcia) and Dom Consuelo (Joao Constancia) would fall for her and do the craziest things just to win her heart. Missed their cute brawl over Eva’s attention? Here are 5 of their silliest, sweetest scenes in which Inno and Dom vie to win Eva’s heart on Ngayon at Kailanman.

1. The Water Race

When Eva needed to fetch some water from the underground water pump in their neighborhood, Inno and Dom both wanted to do the hard work for their princess. Clashing on who should get to do this for Eva, these two boys settled in both doing the job. Yet they also agreed to have a race in giving Eva the pails of water she needed.

2. Sketch Pad

Inno gave Eva a ride home and also gave her a sketch pad to express how much he believes Eva will be able to reach her dreams. But that sweet moment was cut short by Dom, telling Inno that he can “go” because he can perfectly walk Eva home.

3. The “Demanding” and The “Feeling Boyfriend”

This time, Inno is starting to get paranoid over Dom’s closeness to Eva. So his personal questions pissed off Eva, leaving him alone with his demands. Hearing this, Dom came and warned Inno to get away from Eva, stating that he will soon be Eva’s boyfriend.

4. The Tricycle Ride

Not giving up the fight, Inno followed Eva and Dom to the province. Offering them a tricycle ride, Inno tried to sit with Eva inside the cab. But of course, Dom won’t let this happen on his watch.

5. Dinner

Lastly, Inno and Dom both prepared a dinner for Eva on the same night. Inno’s arrangement was with the priest, and Dom’s arrangement was in a private place complete with candle lights, some flowers and sweet music.

How did the beautiful Eva react to the crazy things these boys did? Watch this video.