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Lea (Nadine Lustre) grew up in a very poor but happy family. When she was 12 years old her mother Rona (Isay Alvarez)  went to the USA to work so that their family will have a better future.
After a while life became better for Leah, her sister Tiffany  (Bianca Manalo) and Mang Sol (Joel Torre) her father. But tragic news will change their lives forever. Lea’s mother, Rona, had an accident and died.

Rona’s death will make life hard for Lea and her family. It will also create in Lea a desire that she will carry in the coming years of her life.  That is to go to the US and fulfill her mothers American Dream of a better life for them.

Ten years after, this dream will come true as Lea gets her US Visa to compete in a choir competition in San Francisco. 
After the contest Lea will extend her stay in San Francisco to visit her mothers grave and find a way to legally work in the US.

To Leas’ surprise she will not find her mothers remains. And as her visa expires finding a job that will allow her to stay in the US will also be elusive.

With the urging of Jack (Cherry Pie Picache), the mother of Lea’s Ex-boyfriend Jigs (Albie Casino), and out of desperation Lea will agree to a Fixed Marriage to get her work permit.

But with Lea’s limited resources it will be hard for Jack to find her a partner. The only person that will agree to the small amount that Lea is willing to pay and is suitable for the situation is Jack’s nephew, Clark (James Reid).

Clark has been in San Francisco for the past 11 years. His life has been full of heartbreaks. Clark went to the US with his mother Ofie (Katya Santos) to be introduced to his American father. But Clarks’ father rejected them. After that, her mother died and he was placed into foster homes where he got abused.

Because of his love for his siblings in the Philippines, who doesn’t have anyone to turn to but him, Clark persevered and survived in the US. These misfortunes and responsibilities in life deprived Clark of romantic love.
That is about to change… 
Leah and Clarks’ formal introduction will be a disaster as both have met previously. A meeting that didn’t turn out well and made them hate each other. But with Jacks intervention Leah and Clark will agree to get married.

As Leah and Clark spend time as a fake couple they must try to learn about each other's past, quirks and habits to pass the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) interview. They also quickly realize that they can barely tolerate each other. But as time passes Leah and Clark discover a certain fondness for each other. They also realize that both have the same goals in life and that is to make a better life for their family.

They also start to sympathize with each other as both reveal their deepest secrets. Soon the fake marriage between Lea and Clark will have real feelings of Love. 

But what will Leah and Clark do when both promised Jack, for Jigs sake who is still in love with Leah, that they will not fall in love with each?.  A promise if broken, can destroy Clarks family and sabotage his and Lea’s status in the US.