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20 Kisses of Hubby and Wifey on ‘On The Wings of Love’

John Mark Yap August 10,2016 11:31 AM

August 10, 2015 was the start of a groundbreaking primetime series “On The Wings of Love”. It was the first ever teleserye of JaDine or James Reid and Nadine Lustre. Today, as we celebrate the show’s first anniversary, let us look back at the 20 most memorable kisses of Clark and Leah on 2015’s Most Romantic Teleserye.

1. Accidental Kiss

2. Fake Wedding Kiss

3. Clinking Glass Kiss

4. Approved Kiss

5. Kiss In The Rain

6. Admission Kiss

7. Don’t Leave Me Kiss

8. Goodbye Kiss

9. Good Luck Kiss

10. Sweet Serenade Kiss

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