PAMILYA KO is a heartwarming family drama, which centers on the fun-loving Mabunga family as they triumph amidst all forms of adversity that befall the average Pinoy household. 

Chico leads the ensemble as the eldest among eight Mabunga siblings – the son of Luzviminda and Fernan, an OFW whom he idolizes the most.  But due to a tragic accident in the past, Chico ended up living with his grandparents for most of his life.  Hence, Chico felt distant and alienated from the rest of his siblings – becoming an outsider from his own family. Despite that, Chico grew up positive and hopeful that someday he’d reunite with the Mabunga family and they’ll all live harmoniously under one roof. 

Until Lolo Jose died and the secrets of this seemingly perfect family began to unravel – including Fernan’s ongoing affair. Chico struggles with such a discovery -- not knowing that a much painful secret lies underneath.  A secret that may upset not only the delicate balance of the Mabunga family, but also threaten the very foundation of Chico’s identity.

Pamilya Ko shows us that in our journey through life, whatever triumphs or travails we face, we will always go back home – to our family. From our birth to our last breath, our world revolves around our family who first taught us the power of unconditional love.