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WOW! Mga litrato nina Maris at Sue na magpapakita ng kanilang tunay na pagkakaibigan December 30, 2019 10:27 PM
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Having a friend whom you trust your deepest secrets with and your constant companion through the ups and downs of life could be the greatest and priceless gift you could ever have, especially in the grueling and exciting showbiz sphere.

Amidst of the chaos and fame, there are celebrities who fortunately found their soul siblings in their colleagues, such as Maris Racal and Sue Ramirez, whose friendship is one of the most admirable we have ever witnessed.

Here are the reasons why the amazing duo is our ultimate #BestieGoals:

They are both beautiful and love to have fun

Certainly, many are captivated with their beauty. With or without makeup, that “glow” that radiates from the true happiness they share is unmistakable. They recent Instagram snaps imply that joy cannot only be attained through material things, but in simple moments with yourself and the people very dear to you.

They are both multitalented

Aside from their flair in acting which they showcased in various projects they starred in and flair in dancing which they exposed in their appearances in ASAP, Maris and Sue are singers as well. From uploading song covers, their singing skills were also discovered which spawned to a digital concert alongside their besties Kristel Fulgar and Loisa Andalio staged by OneMusic PH in 2016.

It is also through this spectacular collaboration that their lovely friendship had started.

They are proud of each other’s achievements

With their impressive artistry, strings of projects are coming their way. Although this means lesser time for them to bond, the promising artists are still happy for each other’s continuous success. And their followers see how much they love one another through the admirable snaps and poignant posts they share on IG.

Recently, Sue wrote a sappy message for Maris regarding her first-ever solo fan conference.

Last year, I was lucky enough to have shared a stage with you. And today one of your biggest dreams come true. It's not only taking on your own stage, it's sharing your talent and your music for people to hear. 😊 Sobra kaming proud sayo, @mariesteller ! I know how much HEART and hard work you have put into the songs that you wrote, and I'm lucky enough to be one of the firsts who have heard them! Wag ka nang kabahan dahil MAGALING KA. Lagi mo yang tatandaan. I love you, Stella!!!” she said.